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Total Joint Replacement

Outpatient, total joint replacement . . . improving the quality of life.

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If you are ready to consider outpatient, total joint replacement contact your physician to see if you are an eligible candidate.

Outpatient Joint Advantage

Total Joint Replacement Surgery is on the rise and is expected to increase exponentially over the next decade.  As over 80-million baby boomers become of age, the numbers are staggering.  In the United States alone, it is estimated that the number of total joint replacements will exceed 1 million annually.  Total Joint Replacement Surgery is widely regarded as one of the most successful surgical procedures having very positive outcomes on the quality of life for patients. Unfortunately, joint arthroplasty is one the leading drivers of healthcare expenditures.

Many surgeries today are now performed safely, efficiently in the outpatient setting while reducing both cost and risks to the patient. The first factor we look at is patient selection.  Our team of healthcare professionals at Charlotte Surgery Center – Wendover takes a critical look at each patient’s health assessment, and only the healthiest of the healthy are chosen for the outpatient total joint program. Secondly, patient education is a key factor and it starts right in the physician’s office.  Total Joint Classes geared toward the outpatient setting are a mandatory requirement.  And finally, it takes a special patient.  One who is highly motivated, proactive and willing to take “ownership” in the whole process.

The operation takes a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals. The team works together to limit operative times, anesthetic exposure, blood loss and soft tissue inflammation.  The latest techniques in anesthesia and peri-operative medications are essential to controlling pain, confusion, postoperative nausea, urinary retention or bowel blockages.  We utilize regional blocks where possible and longer acting local anesthetic medication to reduce pain.

Early mobilization post-operatively with physical therapy and other mechanical or chemical preventative agents are used to help reduce the risk of blood-clots.  Our patients generally have a short stay after the surgery and transitioned to home without complications and where their recovery may continue. We utilized a patient-centered model to ensure optimal outcomes and healing relief.

What are the benefits of Outpatient Total Joint Replacement at Charlotte Surgery Center – Wendover?

  • It’s a short procedure with a shorter recovery times that is safe and effective.
  • It is cost-effective, often 50% or less than a traditional joint replacement in the in-patient setting.
  • Minimally invasive, bone preserving, much-less post-operative risk.
  • Patients are mobile right away, this contributes to successful outcomes.
  • Generally, no overnight stay — so patients can return to their own homes for recovery with their loved ones.


Am I a candidate?

A crucial component to the success of the outpatient total joint program is the appropriate and standardized selection of patients.  We have established guidelines as a minimum requirement, however, clinical judgement and assessment by the physician are considered key components used in conjunction with protocols.  Candidates for the outpatient total joint program should be younger,  healthier, active and extremely motivated to recover quickly.  They must be committed to compliance with the treatment regimen and all prescribed therapeutic interventions.

  • To find out more … ask your physician if outpatient total joint replacement is right for you.